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Day 87: Doors Open Toronto.

Leave it to the French to be the first to grant free admission to all kinds of interesting buildings one day a year, starting way back in 1984.  This eternally popular event evolved to include the rest of the EU, … Continue reading

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Day 86: Try to Take a Pole Dance Class.

Now, you may be wondering, why the lengthy title?  Why not just ‘try to pole dance’?  Well, like many of my misadventures, this one began with a deal that I purchased with a couple of neighbourhood friends last summer.  Who … Continue reading

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Day 85: Cardio Gravity Strength.

Oh, the horrors I have witnessed today, in three minute increments.  I inadvertently signed up for a workout at energyXchange that literally left me dumbfounded.  Cheating was not an option.  This one had no shortcuts – believe me, I looked. … Continue reading

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Day 84: The Gelato Racquet.

A good friend had been trying to drag me out to play badminton with her for months now, and tonight, we finally made that happen.  You see, I used to play the sport über-competitively back in the day, but when you use … Continue reading

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Day 83: Chill a Drink Without Ice.

What an incredibly gorgeous long weekend we had!  It was still quite balmy and sunny outside this evening, and, with my air conditioning on the fritz, frankly, I felt like a very cold cocktail would do me a world of … Continue reading

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