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Day 61: Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy.

I come from a very musical family – I mean, not like the Partridge Family, or the Von Trapps, who really existed, by the way – consider your mind blown!  We’re talking more about individual talents, such as my grandfather, who … Continue reading

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Day 60: Drink Wine From a Cheese Glass.

Happy two month anniversary!  It’s incredible to me how quickly these first couple of months have gone by, yet I have managed to pack in 60 new things already, full of fabulous people.  Who knew that there were so many … Continue reading

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Day 59: Bite the Hand That Feeds Me.

So here’s the thing with vouchers.  Sometimes, they are simply for introductory ‘teaser’ sessions that leave you wanting more.  And that is precisely what happened when I took that Tantric workshop back in early March. It was an incredible evening that … Continue reading

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Day 58: Try Electrolysis.

DISCLAIMER FOR THE MEN:  Guys, I’m telling you now, you may want to skip over this particular post and read a different one, or go make a sandwich, and maybe watch the game (any sport will do!  Heck, even porn … Continue reading

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Day 57: Shamanic Journey Circle.

I picked up a lot of expressions during my two years in Ireland, but by far my favourite is this one: telling somebody when they’ve lost the plot.  It’s the Celtic and British equivalent of letting someone know that they’ve … Continue reading

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