Day 83: Chill a Drink Without Ice.

Three cheers for happy hour!

What an incredibly gorgeous long weekend we had!  It was still quite balmy and sunny outside this evening, and, with my air conditioning on the fritz, frankly, I felt like a very cold cocktail would do me a world of good.  The cupboards were a little bare, but I did manage to scrounge up some orange juice and vodka – everything I needed to make a screwdriver.  Perfect!

I mean, I didn’t actually feel like a screwdriver, you know, all straight and metallic, with a flat head to use as leverage for turning myself around in circles, but rather, I felt like I would really enjoy drinking one right about now.  Clearly, it’s been a long day!

And by that, I mean I finally ran out of excuses for pulling my tax stuff together, which I schlepped up to my accountant’s office, and then proceeded to print out a bunch of receipts and slips that I hadn’t gotten around to producing earlier.  Yes, I do realize that they were due at the end of April, but, you know, I’ve been busy!  This not working for a living business is very time-consuming.

I suppose that will technically qualify as yet another first – filing my taxes more than a month late.  In fact, this might even be the first time I have ever filed them late at all… although I find that highly unlikely.  If only I could remember these unimportant details in life – or even the important ones, for that matter!

Screwdriver deconstructed.

Okay, so back to the cocktail…  On a hot, sunny day, well, let’s face it, on any day, you want your drink to stay nice and chilled to the last drop, particularly when you’ve paid a pretty penny for your booze.  And the absolute last thing you want are some ice cubes diluting, or worse, polluting, your delicate concoction’s flavours.

Enter the deal of the day.  Several months ago, I bought a voucher for a ‘whiskey ice stone’ set ($40 value for $19, shipping included) as a birthday gift for the roommate.  As someone who frequently enjoys a pre-dinner aperitif, it seemed like the perfect present.  Well, I came across the still unopened package in the freezer today, and thought I may as well give them a dry run to see if they did in fact live up to the hype.

The rocks working harder than The Rock!

After giving the chilly stones a quick rinse in freezing cold water, I added them to my glass of vodka and orange juice, which I then proceeded to sip as I wrote this post and caught up on a few phone calls.

To be fair, I probably didn’t need to add all 8 of the mini-cubes to the glass, but there was only so much orange juice left, and the space might otherwise get topped up with vodka, and that just seemed a little indulgent for a Tuesday night after a long weekend… Maybe?

Where did all the happiness go?

I am happy to report that the drink did not get diluted towards the bottom of the glass, as expected, and frankly, I’d be more than a little concerned if it had, because that would mean that the cubes were made of something other than granite, and that would completely freak me out.  The cocktail also stayed nicely chilled for the couple of hours that I was sipping it, and I further did not detect any funny flavours from the freezer (I keep meaning to put a box of baking soda in there, but so many other shiny objects keep getting in the way).  The verdict?  Two smiling thumbs up!  No doubt to be followed by a pleasant night’s sleep. G’night!

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