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Day 101: Russian Doll Painting Workshop.

You know what time it is – why, Super Saver Saturdays, of course!  Today’s voucher for a Matryoshka Russian doll making workshop (paid $35, retail value $110) took me all the way behind the no-longer-iron curtain, which has apparently moved to near … Continue reading

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Day 95: Sage Fair.

Many possible scenarios flew into my head when I first spied the words ‘Sage Fair‘ on the page.  Had there been a bumper crop this year that was worthy of an entire festival devoted to the lovely herb that we … Continue reading

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Day 92: Chinese Tuina Massage.

Just when I thought I had tried every possible kind of massage known to man, I stumbled upon yet another new variety:  Chinese Tuina massage (or Tui Na).  And just in time for thrifty Thursday!  It is similar to Reiki, in … Continue reading

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Day 89: Make a Photobook.

What time is it?  If you answered deal time, you win!  …Um, win what, you might ask?  How about bragging rights that your intuitive powers and deductive reasoning skills are more commendable than Homer’s, followed by a hearty virtual pat … Continue reading

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Day 86: Try to Take a Pole Dance Class.

Now, you may be wondering, why the lengthy title?  Why not just ‘try to pole dance’?  Well, like many of my misadventures, this one began with a deal that I purchased with a couple of neighbourhood friends last summer.  Who … Continue reading

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