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Day 92: Chinese Tuina Massage.

Just when I thought I had tried every possible kind of massage known to man, I stumbled upon yet another new variety:  Chinese Tuina massage (or Tui Na).  And just in time for thrifty Thursday!  It is similar to Reiki, in … Continue reading

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Day 91: Make Butter in a Jar.

The three secrets to French cooking, a sultry Catherine Zeta-Jones purred in the chick flick ‘No Reservations‘, are butter, butter, and butter.  From shortbread to biscuits, and sautéed prawns to candied carrots, there are few things in life that don’t … Continue reading

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Day 90: Art Battle Toronto.

Tonight, I witnessed the Top Chef equivalent of the emerging art world.  And it rocked the casbah!  Basically, the competition consisted of two rounds of eight artists, who battled it out head to head for twenty minutes to see which of … Continue reading

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Day 89: Make a Photobook.

What time is it?  If you answered deal time, you win!  …Um, win what, you might ask?  How about bragging rights that your intuitive powers and deductive reasoning skills are more commendable than Homer’s, followed by a hearty virtual pat … Continue reading

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Day 88: Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market.

Ah, the auspicious day eighty-eight has finally arrived.  How fitting that it took me into Kensington Market for Pedestrian Sundays, just a stone’s throw away from the superstitious mecca that is Chinatown.  If you are new to the area, then … Continue reading

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