Day 71: Martinis and Manicures.

Multi-tasking done right.

Today was just another thrifty Thursday, and I found myself with a couple of vouchers burning a hole in my pocket.  In keeping with what has turned out to be beauty week, LeLa and I cashed them in for a couple of Martinis and Manicures on the second floor inside The Vic (formerly Fuzion Lounge) on Church Street, just north of Wellesley.  Finally!  I mean, why did it take so long to come up with the genius idea of combining spa treatments with cocktails?  Leave it to the Village people to blaze this trail.

Sex and the City, anyone?

We got the most important decision out of the way first: namely, to choose our poison. I opted for a red fruity drink, while LeLa went for one made with grapefruit juice.  Both were remarkably tasty and delicious!  Although somehow, mine seemed to mysteriously evaporate rather quickly, but no need to panic, they replenished it just in time.  Next, we sat ourselves down on some cube lounge seats where we could lean against the wall with an unobstructed view of the plasma TV that was looping through episodes of Sex and The City.  The shiny disco ball hanging from the lounge ceiling completed the ambience perfectly.  Let the pampering begin!

Mmmmm… Food.  Don’t mind if I do!

We had the place to ourselves, not counting the bartender who occasionally lent his braun to our manicurist, Rebecca, to help open a few of the nail polish bottles, and who also thoughtfully brought us over some straws on napkins to help us sip our cocktails more easily, bless him.  Seriously, this was the VIP treatment all the way!  Just when we didn’t think it could any better, the kitchen brought us each a huge platter of appetizers, including yummy onion rings, Spanish mixed olives, little cubes of fried mac ‘n cheese, grilled asparagus, and bruschetta.  What a yummy surprise, which was also probably a smart move, given the burgeoning amount of booze in our bellies.

Now, I need to be honest – this was an ‘express’ manicure – not the full spa service kind, and it would not be what you would want for your wedding or anything, but that’s not exactly the point here.  It was a fun way to start the evening, with a chance to feel a little indulgent while catching up with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.  Oh, and of course, your own gal pals.  Our hostess, Rebecca, was simply delightful, to boot.  She provided LeLa with an awesome shade of dark blue for her fingertips, and even gave me a French manicure finish for no extra charge.  What’s not to like!  Would I do it again?  Hello!  Cocktails are included.  Of course I would!!

I then stumbled into a taxi, and headed to a charity Lobsterfest dinner for St. Felix Centre, held in the parish hall of St. Patrick’s church on MacCaul at Dundas.  With an open bar, plenty of munchies, followed by a sit-down three-course meal, good times were definitely had by all.  On top of that, I got to keep our table’s centrepiece, which consisted of a felt boat with a few lights on it, but, more importantly, it was garnished with a giant inflatable lobster that I affectionately nicknamed Pinchy, in tribute to Homer Simpson’s short-lived pet, and which will be the perfect decoration at my party tomorrow night.  This thrifty Thursday turned out to be terrific!  Life can truly be wonderful when you let it.  Cheers to that!

Pinchy! How I’ve missed you!!

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