Day 74: Detox Cocoa Yoga.

Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

This past week can only be described as self-indulgent, and I must admit, I’ve enjoyed every single, decadent minute of it!  But there comes a time when you need to pay the piper, and today, that reckoning arrived.  Well… eventually, it did.  I mean, my life has never been straightforward, so why should it start now?

The day began with a lazy morning, lollygagging around the house, in a slight post-wine induced fog.  My visiting high school friends left shortly after lunch, at the same time that another good buddy arrived, in search of something I am always more than happy to provide:  an opinion.

See, she is getting married later this summer, and found herself with a bit of a dress conundrum.  Needless to say, as one of my good friends, she is obviously brilliant and quirky, so a traditional dress was completely out of the question.  Yet, she had seen one that was dangerously teetering on the brink of being a gown that she thought she might like more than the dynamite number she had already purchased.  This led to my first new thing of the day: going wedding dress shopping for a non-wedding dress.

After helping to get that dilemma sorted, I descended upon some close family members who had purchased a pre-loved boat last year to see how it was faring back in the water.  Of course, Mr. Champers insisted upon coming along, because otherwise, the cheese and crackers would be ever so lonely, and nobody wants to make a blue cheese even bluer.  Oh, the humanity!  It all made for a lovely afternoon indeed, which was nothing at all like the SNL digital short (uncensored), linked here, for your amusement.  You’re welcome.

SNL Digital Short: I’m on a Boat (did I mention uncensored?)

Back home, I searched high and low, but found that I had completely run out of excuses.  It was finally time for my second new thing of the day, which was to activate the 2-week unlimited ‘Around the Club Tour’ pass that I had purchased for $20 at energyXchange.  This is the self-described ‘un-gym’ where I will purportedly find the Evolution of Exercise, along with the occasional class held on their rooftop patio, plus a plethora of therapists from Physiomed.  Thankfully, Sundays are pretty slow there, so I was able to have a good long chat with the girl at the desk, who was so sympathetic to my anti-gym ways, that she even gave me a nice, soothing cup of organic super chocolate tea from their David’s Tea selection.  Bless!

Did someone say chocolate?

Now, you would think that after having completed 30 consecutive days of hot yoga that I would have remembered to bring my yoga mat and water bottle with me… yet you would be mistaken.  But don’t knock my uber-short-term memory, as it is my own dirty little secret to happiness most of the time, so it’s all good.  I was able to rent a mat at the front desk, in plenty of time for my final new thing of the day, which was to join the evening yoga class called ‘Om Sweet Om: Detox Cocoa Sundays’.

Mmmmm… chocolate!

It was a fairly straightforward and relaxing yoga session, which lived up to its description by focusing on the most detoxifying poses in a pleasantly warmed room.  Where does the sweet and cocoa part come in, you may be wondering?  Well, this manifested itself in two ways that I could perceive.  Firstly, during the final cool-down meditation pose, we received a brief, individual aromatherapy massage of the temples tenderly administered by our instructor.  And secondly, at the very end of class, we were treated to a delicious, handmade, gourmet chocolate, courtesy of Ambiance Chocolat, from across the street.  Okay, fine, if I must… But purely for the extra anti-oxidant benefits to help cope with the (not-so) gruelling week ahead!  Namaste.

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