Day One: Create The Blog. Check.

Welcome to day one of my very first blog It’s All New to, where you will be able to join me on a year of firsts.  Each day, I will attempt to do something new for an entire year.  Some things will require quite a bit of preparation and forethought; others will be downright crazy!  Every now and then, I may even let my readers vote on the following day’s big adventure.  Today, I’ve already managed to create this blog.  For someone who has spent most of her career on the other side of IT, who knew it could be this easy?  Three cheers for LaLa (that’s me), who is now feeling much more exhilarated than overwhelmed!  Oh, and kudos to WordPress.  Freaking fabulous!

This blog also marks the end of a two-year sojourn in Cork, Ireland, where I am now on day one of a 6 month employment-free plan.  I will be making my way home to Canukistan (term coined by a fellow ex-pat) over the next week or so.

Here’s a sneak preview of tomorrow’s exploits:  they involve getting my deposit back from my Irish landlord, and a potential day trip to the Gap of Dunloe, which may involve a horse, of course…  But more on that later.  It’s all good!

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4 Responses to Day One: Create The Blog. Check.

  1. BB says:

    not even unemployed for 24 hours and has already created a make-work project – gawd, i hate over-achievers!

    (hehe…who loves ya, la?!)

    p.s. like the url! (and you’ve inspired the bouche to bet back to bidness!)

  2. Nikki says:

    Well done LaLa!!! Look forward to reading about all your adventures. Enjoy the gap. It’s one of my favourite places. Clem and I spent a very special weekend there back when we first started dating. Oh the memories 😉 See you soon x

  3. Gordon says:

    Whoop whoop! Have a blast with this. Sounds like your plan is easier than cooking one new recipe a day, à la the film ‘Julie & Julia’! Good luck.

  4. Tracy Cox says:

    *** Excellent! ***

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