Day Four: Horses and Rugby.

So today was another day of phenomenal firsts.  It all started with a jaunt through the Horse Fair in Smithfield‘s Haymarket.  It was very interesting to see ‘Travellers’ (aka Gypsies or Nomads in other parts of the world) in town selling their cherished animals.  Travellers is, apparently, the politically correct term given to these second-class citizens, who are really perceived as parasites within Ireland’s economy.  Or so I’ve heard.


I meandered my way through the city on this gorgeously sunny, if not frigid, day, past the swans, down to the cute, hip urban area known as Ranelagh, where I met up with some friends for a lovely brunch at Cinnamon.  One of them was about to start an insanely strict detox and fitness program the following day for two months, so it only seemed appropriate to tox her up first with a cocktail at Russells.  I mean, two mojitos for a tenner – when you find that kind of value, it just makes sense!

From there, I made my way to my new thing of the day, which was watching an entire rugby match from start to finish, surrounded by rugby fans while drinking Guinness on the patio at The Bath Pub.  What made it extra special was the weather, which alternated between sun, rain and hail in approximately 5 minute intervals.  Be warned, Dubliners – that counts as one full day of summer.  But I digress.  Apparently, Ireland is the team that was wearing green, and they were lucky to draw against ‘les bleus’, the home team in France.  As far as I can tell, rugby seems like an excuse for men to huddle together and shove their heads up each other’s arses, followed by trying to score what looks like a touchdown while only being allowed to throw the ball backwards…  Um, what?  The guys were fit, so, ya, I guess I’m a fan now.


Next, it was time to put some pizza in our pie-holes, so we went to Paulie’s Pizza, stopping at Slattery’s on the way, because it was all of around the corner and across the street, and that’s just too far to go without a drink in Ireland, not that I’m stereotyping, but sometimes the shoe just fits so you need to wear it.  It was delicious!  Can you believe we missed the best chipper in Dublin on the way out when we fell into a taxi?  Ah well… Next time.

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4 Responses to Day Four: Horses and Rugby.

  1. Leah says:

    Buy the pony! That would be a great “first” and what girl doesnt want/need a pony?

  2. Ciara says:

    I can’t believe you were coherent enough to post this last night!! I thought I could have been responsible for you missing your deadline on day 4! Fair play!
    Hilarious take on your first ever rugby match… love it!

    • LaLa says:

      Oh believe me, it was a struggle! There were a lot of naps in between words. Thanks for showing me the finer points of the game. Like Tommy Bowe.

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