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Day 97: Transit of Venus.

How many scientists does it take to… Oh, sorry.  Did you nod off there, or was that just me?  How can a planet as sexy as Venus, with her tempestuous atmosphere be made to sound so predictable and dull as … Continue reading

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Day 96: New Ice Cream Flavour.

If you asked a kid to try a new ice cream flavour, chances are good that the child might burst into tears.  “Why?  Is there no more chocolate?”  “Did something happen to the strawberry?”  “Is the Road no longer Rocky?” … Continue reading

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Day 95: Sage Fair.

Many possible scenarios flew into my head when I first spied the words ‘Sage Fair‘ on the page.  Had there been a bumper crop this year that was worthy of an entire festival devoted to the lovely herb that we … Continue reading

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Day 93: Friday Night Live @ROM.

Before we get into the whole ROM thing, I have to confess that probably my favourite thing about today was finally getting to pop my Grand Electric cherry.  This Mexican restaurant in the people’s republic of Parkdale has been lined up practically … Continue reading

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Day 92: Chinese Tuina Massage.

Just when I thought I had tried every possible kind of massage known to man, I stumbled upon yet another new variety:  Chinese Tuina massage (or Tui Na).  And just in time for thrifty Thursday!  It is similar to Reiki, in … Continue reading

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