Day 11: Send a Tweet.

By the time I completed yesterday’s post (in between bouts of napping), some birds started chirping right outside my window and wouldn’t stop – at like 3 am (this was still in the UK, so you can’t blame daylight savings… and it was that pretty Cinderella type of twittering that isn’t quite loud enough to get you out of bed to see what all the fuss is about).  Clearly, it was a sign… of something other than the fact that I am not getting enough quality sleep.  And so, the seed was planted.

Working as a consultant in major IT projects, I’ve learned to cherish my time outside of the office, and try to keep it as unplugged as possible.  Okay, truth be told, I’m fundamentally pre-disposed to being lazy, and so I view all superfluous websites and social media as really just another form of work (yet somehow, this blog is different, or so LaLa logic keeps insisting… but I digress).

Despite numerous invitations, I’ve never joined LinkedIn, as I barely have time to keep up with my email, which includes various newsletters, and most importantly, my Daily Deal Tips.  So, making today’s new thing to sign up to Twitter and send a tweet left me with mixed emotions.  I mean, every website, TV show and celebrity has a link to Twitter, but I’ve just never had the hankering.  Why the character limit?  How is it different than a Facebook status update?  Lawd help me if this is just another forum to hear about the exploits of other people’s children, Farmville animals, or African rebel army leaders…  Life, and my patience, are simply too short for redundancy.

But then I took a deep breath and reminded myself that this year was about keeping an open mind to all things new.  So, I cautiously opened the gates to the Twitter abyss.  Right off the bat, my back went up at the way it forced me to choose 5 people to follow.  I have trouble listening to real people telling me what to do, but a website?  Eff that.  What if I want to lead?  It takes me a few screens to notice the glorious ‘skip this step’ fine print that enables the Next button… Sweet, lovely loopholes, how I adore you!

Immediately upon reaching the main feed screen, I feel as though something has gone terribly wrong when I see posts from people I don’t recognize.  And then, the horrible reality of the ‘retweet’ sinks in.  Crappity crap.  Facebook is bad enough with re-posts by people I think I know.  But to have stuff from people as far away as Kevin Bacon degrees of separation, well, that’s just more than I bargained for!

And so, the initiation is complete – my Twitter cherry has officially been popped.  I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised by some of the posts in there, many of which are insightful and clever.  My fascination with all things shiny is also curiously appeased by their brevity.  Without further ado, I give you my freshly created handle:  @lalaomni.  I cannot guarantee that I will tweet very often, but now at least I have the ability should the urge arise again, so enjoy.  In related news, this might also enable this blog to be available as content for Flipboard.  Stranger things have been known to happen!

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